Southwest Airlines flight ends with passenger brawl

Cellphone video shows passengers fighting aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

The seemingly unending chaos on airlines continued after two passengers got into fight on a Southwest Airlines flight moments after it landed in Burbank, reports say. It is not clear what prompted the altercation.

The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Chaze Cable, a resident of Lancaster, California. He suffered a swollen eye, chipped tooth, and small cut on his nose.

Video is now surfacing of a fight that broke out on a Southwest Airlines flight Sunday.

Much of the episode was filmed by a passenger on his cell phone and was posted on Twitter.

He was arrested at the gate by airport police and has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, to which he pleaded not guilty on Tuesday.

The plane was stopping in Burbank before heading to Oakland.

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Recently on April 9, a passenger on a United Airlines flight was forcibly removed from his seat and dragged off an overbooked flight after he refused to voluntarily surrender his place on the plane.

The flight attendant lost her footing, and at that point the victim, flight attendant and Cable all fell. Another passenger and flight attendant intervened and eventually pulled away the man throwing punches.

The fight is one of the latest disturbing incident on a USA flight.

"Get off!" while she tries to break up the fight. A man can be seen punching another person several times as a woman screams and shouts, "what's wrong with you?". "Oh God, I hope she's okay".

Southwest spokeswoman Alyssa Eliasen says police were summoned and one passenger was arrested, while another incurred minor injuries that didn't prevent further travel.

Southwest Airlines expressed gratitude to their employees for reacting quickly and keeping the incident from getting worse.

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