Nicki Minaj Announces Charity For "Student Loans/Tuition Payments"

Nicki Minaj Announces Charity For

Nicki Minaj Announces Charity For "Student Loans/Tuition Payments"

Nicki said that she would be doing the same thing again in "a month or 2", so make sure you get those grades up.

Nicki Minaj earned widespread kudos and racked up some major good karma last week when she took to social media and started agreeing to pay off some folks college tuitions and student loan payments.

"You'll be able to officially sign up!"

Nicki Minaj is setting up a charity to pay off her fans' student loans.

"This makes me so happy. I'll give you a 4.0".

Nicki had taken to Twitter to tell her 20 million+ followers that she would pay for their school's tuition if they could pull a ideal GPA.

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Within minutes, Minaj - who is thought to be worth around $70 million - was flooded with requests from other students, who also offered evidence of their marks.

Minaj responded to her fans for a couple hours before ending her generous spree. Rather than just leave her tweet in the echo chamber that is Twitter, she flooded her followers back with serious cash offers.

"Show me straight A's that I can verify w/ur school and I'll pay it".

We need all the help we can get! I'll send it me ur bank info babe.

"Nicki has always pushed us to further our education and to be assertive and go after what we want", Portis said.

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