Microsoft will pay you to use Bing

Microsoft will pay you to use Bing

Microsoft will pay you to use Bing

Microsoft has put forth this reward scheme in order to attract consumers into using Bing.

A search on Bing is equivalent to three points along with the capability to earn points by purchasing products through the Windows, Xbox and Microsoft stores, with every $1 spent, you get one point.

Microsoft has adopted a novel approach to encouraging web users to ditch Google in favour of its own Bing search engine, by awarding points for searches made on the platform which can then be redeemed for music and movies. You can obtain a maximum of 30 points per day (60 points using Edge) through searches, or participate in quizzes to gain more. This reduces the cost of things - as an example, an Xbox Live subscription is 6,000 points but it drops to 5,800 at level 2.

Microsoft's "Bing Rewards" offer incentives like Xbox gift cards and Skype credit for every search you perform on Bing.

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The Microsoft Rewards programme launched in the United Kingdom on June 1 - and it will also be rolled out in France, Germany and Canada in the next few months.

In effect, this new programme is much the same thing, and it's coming to France, Germany and Canada "in the coming weeks and months as part of the global roll-out". And if in a month will be collected 500 points, the user will automatically increase your daily income up to 150 points. However, to double the number users need to use Microsoft Edge.

What can I use the points for?

Alternatively you can donate to charities including UK Youth, AbilityNet and Special Olympics. And when you use Bing, you'll see your running points total at the top right of the page. The Microsoft Reward program is launched with an aim to push people to switch to its Bing search engine.

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