New UK Poll Sees Conservatives Drop, Labour Popular with Youth

A LATEST election poll suggests the Conservatives could fail to win a majority and a south Essex Labour candidate says "the wheels are coming off the Tories' campaign".

But that plan could backfire - Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been successfully focusing his campaign on domestic policy rather than Brexit.

"The premise was that an increased majority would enable her to wave the hard (er) Brexit stick at the European Union, but also to include the tempting carrot of a transitional arrangement of perhaps a few more years after 2019 of single-market access".

The Opposition Labour party, which was against Brexit but has accepted the June 2016 referendum result, has said its Brexit focus would be to fight to protect workers' rights, environmental protections and access to the single market for United Kingdom business in Brexit talks.

Her no-show at last night's BBC debate led to further questions from Corbyn and other party leaders, to which May came out fighting.

"I am confident that we can fulfill the promise of Brexit together and build a Britain that is stronger, fairer and even more prosperous than it is today", May said.

Theresa May's first major task as prime minister was to negotiate Brexit, but her party only had a small majority in Parliament.

A YouGov opinion poll yesterday showed the Conservatives' lead for the June 8 election had fallen to a fresh low of 3 per cent.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn to face questions on live TV
Ms Sturgeon gave her biggest hint yet that she would change the policy when she publishes her manifesto tomorrow. Ms Davidson said that meant another vote could not take place "u ntil we know how it's working on the ground".

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A shock new projection on the front page of The Times newspaper forecast a hung parliament in which the Conservatives would fall short of the 326 seats needed for a majority. The selloff intensified after a YouGov model predicted a 20 seat loss for the Conservatives and 30 seats gain for the opposition Labor Party, resulting in a hung parliament.

In our opinion, it would be a disappointment to the market if Conservatives' seats shrink from 2015 or a Conservatives' majority is less than 50 seats, compared with expectation of over 100 seats shortly after the snap election was announced.

The findings again weakened sterling which had earlier fallen nearly a cent against the USA dollar on the YouGov model before rising on a Kantar poll which showed May's lead had increased to 10 percentage points.

It recovered ground early Wednesday, trading broadly flat at 1.28 against the dollar and up 0.1 percent against the euro at 1.14.

How have the polls changed during the campaign?

"It's actually about getting out and about, meeting voters and hearing directly from voters", the prime minister said.

The last time that Labour and the Conservatives jointly won over eighty percent of the vote in Wales was 1966.But, for the moment at least, two-party politics seems to be back.

At a campaign rally in southwest England, May denied she was running scared.

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