Alleged Apple Insider Says Apple's Siri Speaker, Glasses In The Works

Alleged Apple Insider Says Apple's Siri Speaker, Glasses In The Works

Alleged Apple Insider Says Apple's Siri Speaker, Glasses In The Works

Group of 3 staff from Foxconn has come up with a few details of all that ae slated to be launched during the WWDC event tomorrow. Some are suggesting that the iPhone 8 may only launch in early 2018 due to some manufacturing delays and challenges as a result of the embedded Touch ID sensor (or fingerprint scanner) and main button directly onto the display, a rumour that has also been tagged with Samsung as to why they opted for the off-centre fingerprint reader on the rear. But we haven't heard much about their upcoming AR glasses.

It's widely expected that Apple will ditch its favoured metal finish in order to adopt a glass-backed design that will make wireless charging possible.

As for looks, the tipsters mentioned the device to have an all glass front with just a minor cut-out at the top to allow for the placement of the front camera. The only area that won't be composed of a display will feature the earpiece and a number of front-facing cameras designed for facial recognition purposes.

The rumours about the fingerprint scanner to come fitted on the rear have been refuted by the report.

Other tidbits shared by the Foxconn insider include 3GB RAM, waterproofing capabilities, and no USB Type-C port. Apple will stick to the Lightning port.

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According to Engadget, the dummy models pictured below are based off of information a case maker "independently obtained" about the final iPhone 8 design. There phone features wireless charging via a rear panel, and it will again be "water resistant", though no word if the rating has increased.

According to a recent IAMA session on Reddit, Foxconn insider has revealed that the Cupertino-based giant is working on smart glasses and is created to bring augmented reality to the masses. The Reddit user also claimed that he sells data from Foxconn factories to KGI Securities.

Apple is also sticking with the lighting cable and we might see some information about the Apple TV later this year. It includes specs like a Zeiss smart optics lens, light sensor accelerometer to count steps and detect head movement, bone induction module microphones for noise cancellation, a magnetometer for navigation, and a Kopin NED Acetate frame. "[Motion] could be used for apps like Tinder, nod for yes, shake for no", they said. It's a well-known secret that Apple is working on a smart glass and this is courageous in itself since Google has already tried their hands at one and failed.

The leak then talks about the Siri Speaker, which we're expecting to see unveiled at WWDC next week.

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