Police release image of knife used in London Bridge attack

Police release image of knife used in London Bridge attack

Police release image of knife used in London Bridge attack

Police also released details saying Khuram Butt, the suspected ringleader of the June 3 attack that killed eight people and wounded 48 more, attempted to rent a larger 7.5-ton truck, but was denied after he failed to provide payment details. Dean Haydon - head of the London police department's Counter Terrorism Command - asked for help identifying the origin of the pink knives, and called on the public to report anything suspicious.

Morning: Khuram Butt tries to hire 7.5 tonne lorry online, but fails to make payment. It was not clear why he could not pay, or if he lacked the necessary licence to drive such a vehicle.

The bloodthirsty terrorist gang that killed eight people and injured almost 59 more near London Bridge slashed their victims with bright pink ceramic kitchen knives. The intended truck was smaller but similar to the one used in the Nice attack that killed 86 people and injured hundreds in the resort town in the south of France in July previous year. The police also recovered ceramic kitchen knives with razor-sharp blades. It could be that they had plans to take the attack into a siege situation or it might be that they saw it as protection from being shot themselves. He is thought to have driven the van, with Redouane and Zaghba in the back.

All three of the attackers wore the leather belts which each had three disposable water bottles covered in masking tape attached to them.

The commissioner of Londons Metropolitan Police says the nationalities of the eight victims in the terrorist attack on London Bridge tell a proud story of Londons unique makeup.

Police discovered 13 wine bottles containing flammable liquid with rags stuffed in them, essentially Molotov cocktails, and blow torches to ignite them, potentially meant for another wave of attacks.

Two Australian women - 21-year-old Sara Zelanak and 28-year-old Kirsty Boden - were among those killed.

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Police also found a number of office chairs, gravel and a suitcase in the van. "There is a possibility that they could have come back", Haydon said.

In a raid of an east London apartment rented by Redouane, police found an English-language copy of the Koran opened at a page describing martyrdom and materials that may have been used to make the Molotov cocktails. This is stated in the statement of the British police. Haydon acknowledged that Butt had links to al Muhajiroun, a banned group headed by cleric Anjem Choudary.

2017: A year of TERROR on Britain's streets?

He wasn't charged and was about to be released from bail because of insufficient evidence, the police said.

Haydon said it remained a fast-moving investigation, but said police now had a clearer understanding of the movements of the terrorists on the day in question.

She said: "At the present time I do not regard what I have seen as an intelligence failure, but everybody would expect us to look at what has happened and to ensure that both we learn everything that we can, and that we improve and improve and improve". Police were also reviewing security at "iconic sites", crowded places and major events, and refreshing advice to theatres, bars, shopping centers and sports venues.

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