Woman Accused of Using Suicidal Boyfriend as 'a Pawn' in Manslaughter Trial

Woman Accused of Using Suicidal Boyfriend as 'a Pawn' in Manslaughter Trial

Woman Accused of Using Suicidal Boyfriend as 'a Pawn' in Manslaughter Trial

Roy's body was found July 13, 2014, in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, almost 40 miles from his home.

Prosecutors revealed that Carter, then 17, exchanged 20,000 text messages with Roy, and more than 1,000 of those were sent in the days leading up to his death. The text messages presented as evidence show Carter made Roy promise to do it: "It's not a big deal" she wrote in a text describing how carbon monoxide intoxication.

During opening statements on Tuesday, Bristol prosecutors portrayed Carter as a callous, attention-seeking teen who engaged in a "sick game of life and death" with Roy as her pawn who also ordered him to "get back in" his truck when he had second thoughts about killing himself.

Carter's attorney, Joseph P. Cataldo, doesn't dispute that his client texted Roy - but he has said the messages were not criminal and certainly do not rise to the level of manslaughter. I heard him die, " Carter wrote.

Judge Lawrence Moniz will now decide her guilt or innocence after analyzing the evidence - which exclusively comprise of dozens upon dozens of messages the two shared, where she allegedly mocked him when he tried to back out of killing himself.

While legal experts say Ms Carter may have encouraged him to take his own life, they have questioned whether it is enough to secure a conviction under involuntary manslaughter. He added that at the time of his death, Carter was on Celexa, a treatment for depression, which can trigger side effects like irrational thinking, irritability and poor impulse control. "You're finally going to be happy in heaven". They communicated mostly through text messages and phone calls. He was 18. Carter, now 20, is on trial this week on involuntary manslaughter charges.

The case is being tried without a jury in juvenile court because Carter was a juvenile when Roy killed himself.

Flynn said that Carter even asked one of the Conrad's sisters if she could have some of his ashes after learning he had been cremated.

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Among those were texts she sent that stated: "You always say you're gonna do it, but you never do".

"She. assured him that his family would understand why he did it".

"Are you doing that of your own free will knowingly and voluntarily?"

A 20-year-old woman whose boyfriend took his own life three years ago is facing a United States court, accused of repeatedly encouraging him to commit suicide. "This was a suicide, a sad and tragic suicide, but not a homicide", he said.

Carter's defense, however, argued that she tried to talk Roy into getting help-but they say she got wrapped up in his plan, and that he would have committed suicide regardless.

The prosecutor said Carter posted about her boyfriend's death on Facebook and "the floodgates for her opened".

The defence also sought to minimise Ms Carter's role in her boyfriend's life, saying the pair were in a "long-term texting relationship" and had met in person only a handful of times.

During opening statements Tuesday, prosecutors argued that Carter wanted sympathy and attention from other girls at school, yearning to be the "grieving girlfriend" who couldn't stop her boyfriend from committing suicide, WPRI reports. Lynn Roy acknowledged that her son had previously attempted suicide and had long suffered from anxiety.

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