Apple wants the iPhone to manage your medical history

Apple wants the iPhone to manage your medical history

Apple wants the iPhone to manage your medical history

As reported by CNBC, Apple is said to have a "secretive team" operating within its health unit which has been communicating with developers, hospitals and other industry groups in order to store clinical data on the iPhone. The Cupertino-headquartered tech giant is also scouting for start-ups in the cloud hosting space that might fit into this plan, the report said.

The move into healthcare records would be a deviation from Apple's previous attempts in the sector, which have leant toward fitness and wellness.

This vision is not unlike what Apple did for music with the iPod - taking a disparate group of items than only exist in one place (CDs) and centralizing them in one location.

Apple is focused on health care more than ever before, and if recent rumors hold any weight, the iPhone could become an essential component of your future visits to the doctor's office.

"If Apple is serious about this, it would be a big f*****g deal", Farzad Mostashari, former national coordinator of Health IT for the Department of Health and Human Services told CNBC. The company has hired Sean Moore as a software engineer with a background at Epic Systems, a major medical records company. Unfortunately, it's still hard to share patient data between doctors because of differing systems and practices between providers.

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Bud Tribble, Apple's VP of software technology, allegedly spoke with health IT industry group The Carin Alliance, which is already working on giving patients greater control over their own medical data.

"At any given time, only about 10 to 15 per cent of patients care about this stuff", said Micky Tripathi, president and CEO of the MA eHealth Collaborative and a health IT expert. In 2011, Google shut down its Google Health due to a lack of traction.

Apple also has other edges.

That's not to say that work has been unsuccessful; the Apple Watch made headlines recently after it was used as a platform to detect a common heart abnormality more accurately than conventional methods, and a non-invasive glucose monitoring prototype spotted on Tim Cook's wrist could make the wearable an essential medical device for millions.

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