USA to announce travel ban for North Korea?

USA to announce travel ban for North Korea?

USA to announce travel ban for North Korea?

The father of Otto Warmbier, the USA student released from North Korean detention this week, lashed out Thursday at the reclusive regime, saying he did not believe its explanation for how his son fell into a coma.

Warmbier's neurological condition best described "as a state of unresponsive wakefulness, " Neurologist Daniel Kanter told a news conference in Warmbier's home city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Warmbier, 22, was released by North Korea on Tuesday and arrived at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center the same day.

His father, Fred Warmbier, said Thursday he does not believe North Korea's explanation that the coma resulted from botulism and a sleeping pill. Pyongyang officials explained the American student fell into a coma after contracting botulism and taking a sleeping pill previous year. Doctors treating him in the US said they found no evidence of botulism, but did find severe brain damage consistent with losing oxygen to the brain.

Gratton, who had not previously spoken of the ordeal that saw Warmbier sentenced to 15 years had labor, spoke of the chilling moment the youngster was dragged away by officials as they tried to pass security at Pyongyang airport back to Beijing on January 2, 2016.

He spent at least 17 months in prison for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster before North Korea returned him to the United States.

Not until Tuesday was he finally flown home to Cincinnati, gravely ill and reportedly in a coma.

"We relied on this false premise that they would treat Otto fairly and let him go", Warmbier said.

At a news conference earlier on Thursday, father Fred Warmbier said they are left with many questions and no answers.

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Nor did they find evidence of botulism, a toxin that causes nerve injury, Dr. Brandon Foreman said.

There have been reports Warmbier was mistreated in the custody of the North Koreans and possibly physically beaten.

He said he and his wife grew frustrated with the lack of word about their son from former President Barack Obama's administration, which they said instructed them to keep a low profile to avoid upsetting the North Koreans.

Doctors indicate that Otto Warmbier's current state is consistent with the aftermath of cardiopulmonary arrest that deprives the brain of blood.

"Those toughest restrictions on travel and tourism right now only really apply to Cuba", says former Treasury Department official Elizabeth Rosenberg.

Meanwhile, the background process of how Warmbier got to be released brings attention to the possibility of dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang on the North Korean nuclear issue.

But Yun managed to see the other three detained Americans while in Pyongyang, providing the USA with much-sought information about their condition.

"It was taken in North Korea with members of his tour group", Warmbier's younger brother Austin said as he released the video, according to The Daily Mail. She says there are plenty of restrictions on what Americans can do in countries that face US sanctions - like North Korea or Iran.

The U.S. says North Korea is using detained Americans as political pawns, while Pyongyang has accused Washington and Seoul of sending spies to overthrow the regime.

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