Audio: CNN reporter confronts Sean Spicer over the no camera briefing policy

Audio: CNN reporter confronts Sean Spicer over the no camera briefing policy

Audio: CNN reporter confronts Sean Spicer over the no camera briefing policy

In lieu of video, many White House reporters posted photos of Spicer to their Twitter feeds while complaining about the off-camera briefing.

"The camera and live audio bans are part of a disturbing pattern out of the Trump administration to attack institutions that serve as a check on power", the non-partisan organization, which claims more than 700,000 members nationwide, said in a letter addressed to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Common Cause said the White House has had only five on-camera briefings so far in June, with the rest off camera and with delayed audio.

"This important subject", Spicer replied as he began walking quickly down the street and toward the White House - as a gang of reporters followed behind. Once it was over, several news outlets aired the briefing in its entirety.

Many media pundits and White House reporters themselves slammed the White House communications department for avoiding the daily televised press briefings, which yielded illuminating and occasionally embarrassing information about President Donald Trump and his administration.

The White House has periodically curtailed video and audio airing of the daily press briefing, which has always been carried live not only by networks, but by the White House itself.

Acosta got into a heated battle with Spicer earlier this week as he demanded to know why the cameras in the briefing room were not on.

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White House press briefings under the Trump administration frequently make headlines for the way they're run-see Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer as one example.

TheWhite House continues it's most recent antic: Shutting out the press and the public.

In fact, the only apparent explanation for the off-camera shift comes from White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who told The Atlantic's Rosie Gray in a text message, "Sean got fatter".

Then again, this is also the administration that gave a press pass to the right-wing conspiracy website Infowars - O'Keefe looks practically mainstream in comparison.

Among other recommendations, the two ex-press secretaries suggested press briefings be filmed under embargo and released later in the day, instead of treating them as a live television event.

Acosta also made a tweet with a hashtag asking why the cameras were off.

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