European Union chief Brexit negotiator says financial services can not "opt-in" to

European Union chief Brexit negotiator says financial services can not

European Union chief Brexit negotiator says financial services can not "opt-in" to

Michel Barnier also criticised what he said were false claims by some in Britain about the possible deals to reach afterwards.

The negotiator said: "There can be no sector-by-sector participation in the single market: you cannot leave the single market and then opt-in to those sectors you like most - say, the automobile industry or financial services".

Amid talks in British media that United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May would be ready to walk out of talks on the financial settlement - the money the United Kingdom will have to pay as part of its European Union commitments - Barnier insisted that progress will be needed on the three issues "together", before talks on future relations can start.

The EU's chief negotiator said that the United Kingdom government's position made it clear that the United Kingdom is leaving both the Customs union and the Single market, and this would not allow "frictionless trade".

He then set out the EU's three "red lines" - that free movement of persons, goods, services and capital are indivisible, that there can be no "sector by sector" participation in the single market, as desired by the United Kingdom, and that the European Union must have autonomy to set its own rules, a reference to the ECJ.

His comments, which amount to a stark rejection of the negotiating position set out by Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis, came as British business leaders appealed for a transitional deal to keep the United Kingdom in the single market and customs union beyond the expected date of withdrawal in March 2019.

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The City of London sent a delegation to Brussels to discuss a post-Brexit free trade deal for financial services.

"Our position is clear and we set out to negotiate a deal which is in our best interests and that of the European Union". Mr Barnier makes a point today of spelling out that the first phase negotiation topics must be settled "together" (underlined) suggesting he sniffed slippage in the chat with the Brexit Secretary on that.

Barnier said: "I have heard some people in the United Kingdom argue that one can leave the single market and keep all of its benefits".

"The decision to leave the European Union has consequences and I have to explain to citizens, businesses and civil society on both sides of the Channel what those consequences mean for them".

He argued, "In my eyes, there would be no reasonable justification for the "no deal" scenario.there is no reason to further aggravate the consequences of Brexit". He pointed to his visits to member states and said this was an important issue and explained why he was also meeting business, civil society and trade unions on his visits.

"He said a "'no deal" would aggravate the "loser-loser' situation which necessarily results from Brexit.

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