Here's When You Can Try Nintendo's Online Mobile App for the Switch

Here's When You Can Try Nintendo's Online Mobile App for the Switch

Here's When You Can Try Nintendo's Online Mobile App for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch Online app will release on 21st July, alongside Splatoon 2.

SplatNet 2 is only available on smartphones and not the actual Nintendo Switch console and will be included as part of Nintendo's upcoming dedicated online Switch smartphone app.

Nintendo's new app, called Nintendo Switch Online, acts as a central hub for all app-compatible games.

Nintendo is launching a smartphone app for players using its all-in-one Switch console.

This application will let users voice chat with pals, invite foes to online tournaments, form whole teams of players and gain access to SplatNet 2.

Presumably, as more Switch games are released, the app's capabilities will be expanded, so we ask you: What games do you think could work well with an app like this?

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You'll have one last shot to try Splatoon 2 before it comes out on July 21, but this is no ordinary Turf War.

Using the app, you'll be able to send invites via social media networks and messaging services which actually sounds interesting.

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Members of the online service are entitled to regular deals through the eShop marketplace, adds the site. For now, however, Nintendo is letting owners test some of those features for free, at least until the paid service launches in full next year. The subscription program will be offered to players for free when it launches later this year, but Nintendo will start charging an annual fee starting in 2018. You can also equip them with new gear such as shoes, hats, and shirts.

Splatfests are events hosted by the Squid Sisters where players have to choose a side to represent as they battle it out against the other team.

Gear is available for purchase, which can then be picked up later in the game's hubworld Inkopolis Square.

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