Taylor Review recommends additional protections for gig economy workers

Taylor Review recommends additional protections for gig economy workers

Taylor Review recommends additional protections for gig economy workers

Taylor was commissioned by the Government to write the report nine months ago as concerns grew over the stability of some forms of "gig economy" working, typified by companies such as Uber and Deliveroo.

There had been a hope among workers and unions that the report might end the practice of some employers relying on people being flexible enough to turn up in the hope of work but not offering anything back for the one-sided show of loyalty. He suggests a move to other digital or card payment platforms to ensure more accountability for tax contributions.

Taylor recommended that the Low Pay Commission should look at how a higher minimum wage rate could apply to workers who do not have set working hours and make it easier for them to receive holiday entitlements.

Overtime should attract a premium, Mr Taylor recommended, which could affect "millions of supermarket staff and care workers", the Resolution Foundation...

Her recommendations follow a review into the gig economy, headed by Matthew Taylor, a former adviser to Tony Blair.

But his report won a lukewarm response from unions and employment lawyers, who said it did little to help the growing number of workers in delivery and taxi firms such as Deliveroo and Uber.

Uber, which has 40,000 drivers in the United Kingdom, said drivers made an average of £15 an hour previous year after service fees.

His comments on BBC Radio 4 came as Frances O'Grady, the general secretary of the TUC, said the report "is not the game-changer needed to end insecurity and exploitation at work" while Thompsons' Solicitor branded the recommendations as "feeble".

A survey by PwC ahead of the Taylor Review suggested more people would consider gig work or a zero-hour contract if they had better protection.

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"We'd welcome any nuggets of good news, but it doesn't look like the report will shift the balance of power in the modern workplace".

"If they were serious about workers' rights they are welcome to borrow from Labour's manifesto", said Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour's business spokeswoman. "We know drivers want more security too which is why we're already investing in discounted illness and injury cover, and will be introducing further improvements soon".

Tim Roache, GMB general secretary, said: "If the Taylor review does indeed call for a radical overhaul of employment law, the recommendations that are leaking out seem to miss the point".

What we have instead is talk of a "dependent contractor" type of employment which has been linked with receiving holiday and sick pay as well as earning at least minimum wage.

"Taylor's proposals on hours of pay, the minimum wage and statutory sick pay risk undermining the rights of employees and workers in the wider workforce in unforeseen ways", she said.

We need to recognise that part-time, non-traditional work will continue to grow massively into the future (the gig economy has grown by 70 per cent since 2010) - whilst at the same time recognise this does not mean this work has to be low paid or precarious.

He said: The creation of a new "dependent contractor" status for gig economy workers would further complicate existing categories of how workers are defined in law. The pragmatic view is that the United Kingdom will need a flexible work force after Brexit and so new regulation is extremely unlikely.

'It's the people told to be ready for work or travelling to work only to be told none is available, it's the people who spent years working for a company on zero hours contracts but who without a guarantee of hours from week to week can't get a mortgage or a loan.

Theresa May has said she will aim to improve rights for those working in the gig economy but fell short of promising legislation to tackle the problem, as she gave a speech aimed at relaunching her faltering leadership.

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