2 infants die in separate hot-car incidents in Phoenix

2 infants die in separate hot-car incidents in Phoenix

2 infants die in separate hot-car incidents in Phoenix

For the second time this month, authorities found another baby dead inside a hot vehicle in Phoenix.

Officials said the father went to the church and discovered the baby was in the vehicle and was unresponsive.

Two babies have have lost their lives to hot auto deaths in the Phoenix area in the past two days, according to officials.

Josiah's father has not been arrested and is cooperating with police.

This is the second case of an infant dying after being left in a hot auto in two days, following the incident Friday involving a 7-month-old boy.

Both deaths - a 1-year-old found dead in a church parking lot on Saturday and a 7-month-old who died while being cared for by his grandparents the day before - are under investigation.

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This death came just 24 hours after 7-month-old Zane Endress died after being left in a vehicle in northeast Phoenix for about four hours, according to Phoenix police.

Two infants have died inside hot cars in Phoenix within two days, as temperatures topped 100 degrees in the city.

She said, she had come to the church to support the family and mentioned hearing about the other baby that had died similarly on Friday.

"How could this happen to good people and a good boy", the child's aunt, Michelle Anderson, told the Arizona Republic as she wiped away tears.

Police later identified the baby as Josiah Riggins.

Last year, the organization recorded 29 heatstroke deaths of children left in cars. The child was under the care of his parents.

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