China can wipe out Indian troops, says Chinese media amid Sikkim standoff

China can wipe out Indian troops, says Chinese media amid Sikkim standoff

China can wipe out Indian troops, says Chinese media amid Sikkim standoff

Although China and Bhutan have been negotiating the precise border for decades without serious incident, Bhutan this time sought help from India, which considers the particular patch of mountain to be a strategically vital territory and sent troops to the plateau to stop the Chinese workers.

Emphasising that India's objective is to achieve peace and tranquillity through diplomacy, he said New Delhi continues to engage with China through diplomatic channels to find a mutually acceptable solution and also was in continuous and close coordination with Bhutan on the Doklam issue.

The expert said that China will "inform" India before the "operation" begins.

The paper further reports that the Indian military now has around 8,500 servicemen deployed on its side of the border just outside the disputed area. It said that the Modi-government should be aware of China's military power and should not put India in a situation where has no choice but to "annihilate all Indian troops in the border region".

She also said that the government is not just negotiating on Doklam, but is also talking on the bilateral relations with China.

The Chinese media, well known to reflect the government's views, in an editorial on Saturday said that the "hard line stances" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are pushing India towards war and jeopardising India's peaceful development.

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China's foreign ministry said that at one point there were more than 400 Indians on Chinese territory, who had advanced over 180 meters into China.

China and India are already suspicious of each other because of China's massive investments in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, including Chinese-invested ports in both countries India fears could one day become Chinese military bases, another senior Asian diplomatic source said. It was the bluntest comments from the Chinese Ministry. Indian army entered the area on the request of Bhutan and a standoff between the two armies has been continuing since.

A commentary by the state-run news agency Xinhua on Thursday night also warned that India should not "misinterpret China's restraint".

Indian troops illegally crossed the China-India boundary in the Sikkim Sector on June 18 to obstruct China's road building in Donglang.

It is a line that has been echoed nearly word for word this week by the foreign ministry, the official Xinhua news agency, the ruling Communist Party mouthpiece the People's Daily, the official military news website of the Chinese armed forces, and other outlets.

"The border line is the bottom line", the piece says, and China will "defend its native soil at all costs".

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