Bill Gates makes largest donation since 2000 with $4.6-billion pledge

Bill Gates makes largest donation since 2000 with $4.6-billion pledge

Bill Gates makes largest donation since 2000 with $4.6-billion pledge

In 1996, Gates had a 24% stake in Microsoft, but following his donation in June, that has fallen to just 1.3%.

The gift, disclosed Monday in regulatory filings, is significantly larger in both value and number of shares than recent dispersals by Gates, the paper noted.

For some one preoccupied with saving the world, Gates' time on Instagram will most likely be a curated story telling experience that helps put a focus on the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but even Gates has to post the occasional foodie pic.

Gates' largest ever donation was about $20 billion worth of Microsoft shares back in 2000. To recall, he gave away about $16 billion worth of the stock in 1999.

Mr Gates has probably directed more than 700 million shares of Microsoft into the foundation, adjusting for stock splits.

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The gift was not pledged to a specific entity, but in the past most of Gates' donations have gone to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which directs the money to various causes supported by Gates. This is the charity that has been set up by both Gates and his wife with the motto to promote global development.

Foundation officials did not respond to The Chronicle's requests to confirm where the shares were going.

According to Bloomberg's current evaluation of Bill Gates' wealth, the businessman is worth $86.1 billion. Microsoft stock now accounts for just 9 per cent of his overall net worth, which stood at an estimated $85.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Bill Gates is now the world's richest man, although last month he was briefly knocked off the top spot by Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos for a couple of hours after a brief surge in Amazon's share price.

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