Crane Collapses in Miami due to Hurricane Irma Winds

Crane Collapses in Miami due to Hurricane Irma Winds

Crane Collapses in Miami due to Hurricane Irma Winds

It wasn't immediately clear if the collapse caused damage or injuries.

City officials said they were using geo-fencing, a 911 communication system, as well as social media, to contact residents in the area.

"The crane structure can collapse", said Miami City Manager Daniel Alfonso earlier this week.

Two dozen tower cranes working on construction sites throughout the city were a concern ahead of Irma. The building was still in tact despite the crane's failure.

"We all know in this business - full moons and storms are a problem", said Kim Kendall, director of the hospital's family birth center. "It was toppling over".

Many poor people had few options. "It has fallen and hit a building".

During that time, a resident said he heard a loud boom and looked out of the apartment to see the crane falling.

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"I have two choices, stay or run north, a bad idea" said Michel Polette, 31, who lives a couple blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach.

In Miami, Jackson Health System alerted women who are at least 34 weeks pregnant or who have a high-risk pregnancy that they may take shelter in one of three of its hospitals, as long as they have registered with the hospital in advance.

At that point, Irma was a Category 5 hurricane with wind speeds of up to 185 m.p.h. That storm flooded northeast Florida, destroying homes in St. Augustine and the surrounding area.

"AVOID THE AREA!" the city's tweet said. The employee captured video of the collapse. The tower cranes with a boom on top are created to spin like weather vanes, so they should be stable if Irma strikes, Whiteman said. "But for the grace of God, that (collapse) could be me".

President Trump has described Hurricane Irma as "a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential" and declared major disaster in Florida, which means federal funds will be released.

The horizontal arms of some cranes were left loose to spin in the winds. The equipment was created to withstand winds up to 145 miles per hour (233 kph), city officials said.

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