Qatari FM meets Erdogan amid Gulf diplomatic rift

Qatari FM meets Erdogan amid Gulf diplomatic rift

Qatari FM meets Erdogan amid Gulf diplomatic rift

According to the transcript, Lavrov praised the efforts of Kuwait to mediate the dispute.

Qatar strongly denied the charges and rejected a list of 13 demands put forward by the bloc for resuming diplomatic ties, including the necessity for Qatar to cut off ties with Iran and shut down its Al-Jazeera TV channel.

Qatar's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan Bin Saad Al-Muraikhi triggered the provocation by justifying his country's relations with Iran, saying it is a "decent country'".

"The severity of the diplomatic dispute between Gulf countries is unprecedented, which magnifies the uncertainty over the ultimate economic, fiscal and social impact on the GCC as a whole", said Steffen Dyck, Moody's vice president - senior credit officer and co-author of the report.

A group calling itself the "15 September Movement" has called for nationwide demonstrations in Saudi Arabia on Friday to protest poverty and advocate for women's rights and the release of detainees. The United Arab Emirates, one of the countries boycotting Doha, publicly criticized the move.

However, Saudi Arabia subsequently accused Qatar of distorting facts about the call, and said it was ending talks. Iranian mobs firebombed the Saudi embassy in Tehran, and attacked the consulate in Meshaad.

Saudi Arabia, with its bulging youth population, is among the top users of social media per capita worldwide.

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The Ministry of Education earlier last month said it had receive over 5,306 at different education levels and has admitted most of the students in government and private schools.

Qatar's foreign minister used a fiery opening statement at an Arab League summit to praise Iran, the regional foe of Saudia Arabia, as an "honourable country".

"Even the animals were not spared [from the blockade], you sent them out savagely", he said, referring to the camels stranded on the Qatar-Saudi border after the imposition of the siege. "The Qataris will be held responsible for such a decision". "If the Qatari regime thinks that it has an interest in rapprochement with Iran, the coming days will prove that this is not true at a time when the Qatari people themselves will not accept that Iran will have a role in Qatar".

That sounds like a threat to me.

UAE's Gargash said the Gulf crisis continued "due to Qatar's unwillingness for peace".

Their direction needs to change and we will continue our policies until Qatar changes its policies of aggression against the four boycotting countries, as long as Doha [Qatar] supports and funds terrorism and intervenes in the Middle East countries' internal affairs. [UAE minister] Anwar [Gargash] forgot to mention that the four blockading countries tried a military action against my country in 1996.

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