Boris Johnson may resign before the weekend

Boris Johnson may resign before the weekend

Boris Johnson may resign before the weekend

Mr Johnson is due to see Mrs May for the first time since his Telegraph article as the pair attend the United Nations General Assembly in NY.

Boris Johnson will not resign as Foreign Secretary, he insists - despite the fallout surrounding his Brexit intervention.

This option is known by critics as the "EEA-lite", similar to the arrangements adopted by Switzerland, which would be a way of preserving the benefits of the single market.

According to the Financial Times, Theresa May will include the offer in her much-anticipated Brexit speech on Friday in Florence. His newspaper article signalled that he could not support such a relationship.

Commenting on the reports that he was close to walking out of the cabinet, he told the Guardian: "I am mystified by all this stuff".

May has called a cabinet meeting for Thursday where she will ask ministers for approval of her speech before delivering it Friday.

Johnson was piqued that a meeting of other senior ministers involved in Brexit was held last week when he was inspecting hurricane damage in the Caribbean.

May is also in NY, attending the United Nations general assembly.

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The Foreign Secretary was accused of "behaving and acting and speaking strangely" by a top European Union official on Wednesday, with Brussels also viewing Mr Johnson's provocative actions as him abandoning the Government's position on Brexit.

The PM's spokesman said that Mrs May had met Ivanka at the G20 summit in Germany in July, when Ms Trump expressed an interest in giving her backing to the campaign against modern slavery which the Prime Minister has spearheaded.

He also said that he only wrote his 4,000-word article after commentators began asking, "Where oh where, why can not we hear from Johnson?" "What we want to do is to ensure not just a good deal on trade, but also on our future security and relationship on law enforcement and criminal justice".

The foreign secretary did not name fellow Telegraph scribe Nelson as the man who grabbed his attention with a piece titled: "There are three theories why Boris Johnson is lying low, and none is flattering".

He told the Financial Times: "From my personal point of view, I think he should have kept his mouth shut, quite simply".

Downing Street has dismissed it as "pure speculation about a speech that has not yet been given".

However veteran Tory Ken Clarke this morning said the fact Johnson had not been fired showed how weak May was.

Phil Hogan says United Kingdom foreign secretary 'has made very unusual statements that are completely contradictory'.

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