'SNL' Scorecard: Ryan Gosling Wants Us To Know He Saved Jazz

'SNL' Scorecard: Ryan Gosling Wants Us To Know He Saved Jazz

'SNL' Scorecard: Ryan Gosling Wants Us To Know He Saved Jazz

"La La Land" actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone reunited during the season 43 premiere of "Saturday Night Live" for the formers monologue. And in that moment, Ryan Gosling is all of us.

Sitting at the piano he lit a cigarette as he delicately began playing.

Ryan Gosling, who's had a pretty successful year himself, will be hosting the first episode while Jay-Z will perform some tracks on his latest album 4:44. I'm not exactly sure the country's anxious about La La Land's portrayal of jazz at this point in time, but clearly Gosling heard some of the blowback and chose to use this moment to address it rather than his upcoming movie. "So, I'm not fearful, you know, I believe that we're resilient, we've been-especially us, as Black people, especially the culture-we've been through so much more than this guy".

There is absolutely no denying that Alec Baldwin's role as President Donald Trump was one of the most-talked about and most entertaining parts of the last season of Saturday Night Live.

Kumail Nanjiani will host the season's third show on October 14, marking his debut.

Giroud gets 100th Arsenal goal in Europa win
However, Scherbitski did make a fabulous, fingertip save to deny Walcott his third - a fig leaf for a terrible display. Holding hit the post from the resulting corner as BATE struggled to deal with Arsenal's setpieces.

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As Mr Abe addressed reporters, more than 100 protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister's Office to demand his resignation. Mr Abe said he was seeking a fresh mandate to overcome "a national crisis" amid rising threats from North Korea .

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He says their behavior is driving away viewers and says spectators who witness such protests should "pick up and leave". In contrast, Donald Trump won the presidency on a platform that called for ending unfair trade deals such as CAFTA.

Bonus: an earlier airtime means West Coasters can watch the show and still have a good chunk of Saturday night to enjoy.

Although he managed to keep things together for the majority of a freaky sketch involving the love affair between a chicken and a fugitive, things broke down when Aidy Bryant's chicken attempted to grab a gun from him with her feathery, little wings. "I remember", Jay fires back before bursting into laughter.

The Blade Runner 2049 star made sure the season started off with a bang-or a jazz number.

In one sketch with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, Ryan and the ladies shared their alien abduction stories.

The sketch began innocently enough, with Gosling and Cecily Strong's characters describing their pleasant, mind-bending experience being abducted by "glowing beings made of handsome light" and seeing their entire lives flash before their eyes.

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