A bomb has made more than 20 dead in Mogadishu

A bomb has made more than 20 dead in Mogadishu

A bomb has made more than 20 dead in Mogadishu

Usually, the shebab instead target the hotels in which resident officials and have sworn the loss of the fragile central government in somalia, supported by the global community and by the 22,000-strong african Union (Amisom).

The explosion left a trail of destruction across a busy intersection, with several bodies and bloodied slippers and shoes. The road and buildings nearby suffered damage by the explosion.

"It was terrible, the bomb exploded on a busy road and killed many people".

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, although the Islamist al-Shabaab group has carried out regular attacks.

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"There was a traffic jam and the road was packed with bystanders and cars", said Abdinur Abdulle, a waiter at a nearby restaurant.

However, the militants continue to control rural areas and launch attacks on military, government and civilian targets in Somalia, as well as terrorist raids in neighbouring Kenya. After the explosion, the police captain told Reuters that it was a truck bomb and that there are casualties but that they did not know the exact amount since the scene was still burning.

A BBC Somali reporter at the scene said the Safari Hotel had collapsed, with people thought to be trapped under the rubble. A truck loaded with explosives went off at the entrance of a hotel, according to security sources. Police said they suspect a suicide attack. Authorities initially said at least 20 people had lost their lives.

It is not clear who staged the attacks.

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