Khamenei says Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if U.S. quits it

Khamenei says Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if U.S. quits it

Khamenei says Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if U.S. quits it

With its goodwill, Iran will try to contribute to stability and security in the region, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said at a conference in Tehran on Wednesday.

In spite of Europe's apparent leaning towards Tehran, President Trump has continued to put pressure on all parties.

"Phase two might be positive, and it might be very negative", Trump said at a Cabinet meeting earlier this week.

Trump threatened to withdraw from the deal if Congress doesn't act. Its members appear convinced that the United States must abide by global agreements so that they are not accused of not respecting signed agreements.

Trump's threat to ditch the landmark 2015 agreement, which saw Tehran dramatically scale back its nuclear ambitions in return for an end to punishing sanctions, has sparked a chorus of foreign support for the pact.

"Or if they ask, 'Why does Iran have missiles?' then our response is, 'Why do they have missiles and nuclear weapons?'" They had lobbied the administration hard and lost. For now, European political support appears sufficient for Iran to stay in the deal; even regime hardliners are loath to assume responsibility for breaking an global agreement.

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Caught between Washington and Tehran, the European Union 3 will struggle to find a compromise. The United States has redefined its relationship with Tehran, by listing a book full of conditions against it, making it hard to differentiate between what is possible at the nuclear level and what is acceptable at the regional level.

"I don't want to waste time on answering the rants and whoppers of the brute United States president", Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said.

"Moreover, at that point in time folks, we have a year of break-up".

"As the servant of worldwide Zionism the creator of Daesh and the Takfiri current, and then you expect that it would not be angry against a force (IRGC) which has stood against Daesh", Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

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