Texas men arrested in shooting after Richard Spencer event

Texas men arrested in shooting after Richard Spencer event

Texas men arrested in shooting after Richard Spencer event

Three men were arrested on attempted homicide charges after prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida Thursday night.

Mr. Spencer, who helped organise a white supremacist rally that erupted in deadly violence in Charlottesville earlier this year, was shouted down by hundreds of protesters on Thursday.

Police said that no one was injured. The men in the auto displayed Nazi salutes and shouted chants about Hitler, and one of them, identified as Tyler Tenbrink, 28, pulled out a gun.

Police identified the suspects as three Texas men: Tyler Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond; and William Fears, 30, and Colton Fears, 28, of Pasadena. Tenbrink fired one shot, which hit a nearby building. Tenbrink then fled the scene in a silver Jeep after jumping a police barricade to avoid protesters.

The trio was later caught after the victim had memorized the Jeep's license plate and reported it to authorities. The information was relayed to several law enforcement agencies with officers in the area.

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Police say that one of the victims was able to get the Jeep's license plate number and later that evening an off-duty sheriff's deputy pulled the auto over about 20 miles north of Gainesville.

"One of the passengers began yelling Hail Hitler and other chants" at the people at the bus stop, according to arrest reports released by the Gainesville Police Department. They had just come from the speech and were recorded on video giving interviews to media outlets, defending Spencer's appearance. Tenbrink went on to recite the "14 words" used as a motto by white supremacists: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".

'It's always been socially acceptable to punch a Nazi, to attack people if they have right-wing political leanings, ' William Fears told The Gainesville Sun. They are accused of having fired a shot at protesters for absolutely no reason. Tenbrink was also charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon, stemming from an arrest in 2009 for aggravated kidnapping of a female acquaintance in Texas.

It was not clear whether police or prosecutors are contemplating seeking hate-crime enhancements to the charges.

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