Mobile And Sprint's Merger Plans Are Dead

Mobile And Sprint's Merger Plans Are Dead

Mobile And Sprint's Merger Plans Are Dead

Even if the two companies had worked out their differences, there was also no guarantee that a proposed merger would pass US regulatory scrutiny-one of the reasons Sprint called off merger talks with T-Mobile years ago. The decision was made due to both parties being "unable to find mutually agreeable terms". The previously proposed merger with T-Mobile was supposed to help both carriers fill gaps in coverage and increase their speed and capacity, along with allowing spectrum interlock to make 5G deployment across diversified solutions easier across the entire USA market.

Claure also said Sprint has acknowledged it is ideal to move ahead on its own with its assets "including our rich spectrum holdings, and are accelerating significant investments in our network to ensure our continued growth".

Erik Gordon, a Ross School of Business professor at the University of MI says "Consumers are better off without the merger because Sprint and T-Mobile will continue to compete fiercely for budget-conscious customers,".

Sprint has sought to strengthen its balance sheet by cutting costs and mortgaging a portion of its airwaves and equipment.

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T-Mobile is a better position as a standalone company, analysts have said.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges said in a statement on Saturday that T-Mobile has a "strong basis for growth in the upcoming years".

T-Mobile reported revenues in the third quarter that topped $10 billion for the first time, up 8 percent. Both companies may have to sort that out sooner rather than later. Now sources are back saying that T-Mobile is scrambling to save the deal, and that it has sent revised terms to Sprint in hopes that something can be worked out.

It comes as SoftBank said on Thursday it has secured a 2.65 trillion yen ($23.3 billion) senior loan agreement to refinance acquisition loans for Sprint Corp and British chip designer ARM. Worse, Sprint owner SoftBank appears to be running low on options to deal with the considerable amount of debt Sprint carries. However, it is possible the deal will fail to go through regardless. Initially, the merger seemed to be a done deal.

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