Trump administration ends immigration program protecting Central Americans from deportation

Trump administration ends immigration program protecting Central Americans from deportation

Trump administration ends immigration program protecting Central Americans from deportation

"Let's see if we can get Congress to legalize these people who have been in the country for decades, are homeowners and business owners and whose kids were born here".

A decision on El Salvador's status, which was given TPS after its 2001 natural disaster, is due on 8 January 2018. There are bipartisan legislative options now before Congress to protect TPS families.

Ten-year-old Ronyde Christina Ponthieux, whose father has TPS status, 10, addresses the media at the FANM office in Little Haiti on Monday.

But critics say the programme, which was created to offer temporary protection in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, has become a permanent fixture and allowed some immigrants to stay for nearly two decades by renewing their visas time and time again.

There is a push by some close to Trump to get at least another six-month extension for Haitians.

But the Department of Homeland Security already warned in its statement that a termination of the programme was "possible".

Immigration advocates held a press conference in Miami on Monday to make a last-minute plea to the Trump administration to not terminate the status for Haitians and Central Americans.

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"The administration understands there are a number of individuals who have been in TPS status, potentially for 20 years, and given the lengthy period of the status here, [knows] that congressmen want to find a solution to find a more permanent status versus this 18-month to 18-month temporary fix", the senior administration official said. "They have children here, and mortgages here", she said.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is nearing a decision on the plans for TPS recipients.

But supporters of the program say Nicaraguan TPS holders have deep roots in the community and have been in the country for decades. Roughly 250,000 USA citizens are the offspring of TPS beneficiaries, so the announcement would likely force many families to make the hard decision of having to take their children with them.

Citizens from El Salvador also received TPS status after two earthquakes in 2001 destroyed infrastructure in entire regions of the country.

Congressional members, including Republican lawmakers, also called on the Trump administration to continue TPS.

TPS is a form of temporary legal residency established in the Immigration Act of 1990 that provides worker visas to more than 300,00 immigrants from 10 countries experiencing ongoing armed conflict, environmental disaster or other circumstances that make it potentially risky for them to return to home. That means many people would become undocumented if they can not quickly change their statuses and remain in the country. "And in fact by not renewing the Temporary Protected Status. they have actually made matters worse", Rodriguez said.

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