Putting North Korea Back on Terror Blacklist Threatens Diplomacy

Putting North Korea Back on Terror Blacklist Threatens Diplomacy

Putting North Korea Back on Terror Blacklist Threatens Diplomacy

US President Donald Trump this week declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, a spot on a US blacklist Pyongyang had shed almost a decade ago. Though the State Department insists diplomacy is a top priority and all efforts are being made to resolve the disputes between the nations, President Trump has repeatedly gone out of his way to both undercut the Secretary of State's talk of diplomacy and to raise tensions with North Korea by talking up a unilateral U.S. attack. North Korea's state-run organization, the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, released a separate statement, which called for Washington to immediately withdraw its decision.

"North Korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes are the product of a rational cost-benefit analysis".

New U.S. sanctions announced Tuesday against North Korea may add some substance to the symbolism, but only if China - which accounts for nearly all of North Korea's trade - decides to help.

"This designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on North Korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime". "But, it does not bring serious impacts to North Korea's economy".

North Korea, however, deals commercially with China on a number of different levels, including trade across the river that is technically illegal.

But North Korea is unlikely to give in to the sanctions and come back to the negotiation table anytime soon.

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US diplomats responsible for negotiating with the North Koreans in previous years were by and large supportive of strong sanctions - and also of calling North Korea a "terror state".

Tensions between the USA and North Korea have intensified since Trump took office in January.

North Korea has yet to comment on the defection of a North Korean soldier who is being treated for gunshot wounds in South Korea after being shot by comrades during his escape.

As Trump said, the decision reaffirms the United States government's commitment to imposing maximum pressure on the Pyongyang government. The spokesperson noted that their actions included expulsion of North Korean workers and diplomats.

"It has become nearly a cliché in policy circles to state that North Korea is a rational, strategic actor".

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