Google Pixel Gets 'Smart Battery' Feature to Make Better Predictions

Google Pixel Gets 'Smart Battery' Feature to Make Better Predictions

Google Pixel Gets 'Smart Battery' Feature to Make Better Predictions

But now in that field there is a Google search bar which will take you to the google app. However, so far, the launch has been marred by several issues that have annoyed Pixel 2 buyers. Declared on Thursday, Google states that the recent Smart battery will "make your battery life estimates more accurate on Pixel!". If you have sipped around 10 percent of your battery life per hour over the past few hours, for example, the phone would assume that the next hour of usage will be similar - another 10 percent. For instance, if the battery level depleted by 20 percent in the last 4 hours the system would presume that the device will be used in the same manner henceforth.

Google has now switched to an on-device model that will continually monitor your battery life over time. Here, users will see a graphical representation of of battery usage.

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"Pixel users can see the new battery predictions via Settings Battery which will now show personalised battery estimates". The Battery section will reveal both the percentage of battery life remaining and also an estimate of how many minutes this translates to. Further, one can also view the information in the form of a graphical representation. In the app drawer original Pixels used to have a simple "Search Apps" field at the top. Further, the new process allows users to adjust toggles for battery-saver mode and auto-brightness.

"Smart battery" is created to give users better estimates on what to expect from their battery through the day, Google was quoted as saying. In October, the search giant came up with Device Health Services, a battery management application, and this new model is expected to have added that. And this hampers the user experience greatly. However, this doesn't mean that the company has left it's old Pixel users behind.

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