Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth £100 Billion After Amazon Black Friday Sales

Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth £100 Billion After Amazon Black Friday Sales

Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth £100 Billion After Amazon Black Friday Sales

Founder and largest shareholder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has not only become the richest person in the world, but also touched the United States dollars 100 billion-mark for the first time, according to a Bloomberg report. Due to Amazon's profitable success this year, brought on in part by the merger with grocer Whole Foods, Bezos shot to the top of Bloomberg's index. Bill Gates, who is now worth $86.8 billion, would be worth approximately $150 billion if he had not given approximately 700 million Microsoft Corp. shares and $2.9 billion in cash to charity since 1996. Amazon shares hit a record on Black Friday - one of the year's busiest shopping days - joining a broader stock market rally.

Both Gates and Warren Buffet - the world's third richest man with a net worth of only $78.9 billion (£59.17bn) - are big on philanthropy, but Bezos hasn't involved himself too much with it, though it seems he is beginning to make moves to do so. Though the two men have dueled over the richest person title, Bezos is now confidently in the lead, according to CNN Money, with Gates "now worth a mere $89 billion, according to Forbes and Bloomberg". The company also recently had a soft launch of its Australian online store on November 23 in time for Black Friday sales.

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According to Bloomberg, Bezos' wealth increased $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion after Amazon shares jumped 2 percent on optimism from Black Friday sales. After the close of trading in NY on Friday, the billionaire's total net worth fell back down to $97.9 billion. He also owns the Washington Post, which he purchased for $250 million in 2013, and he owns shares in a number of other companies. That was in 1999, when the internet stock bubble briefly put him over the mark.

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