Capcom announces Mega Man 11 with new hand-drawn art style

Capcom announces Mega Man 11 with new hand-drawn art style

Capcom announces Mega Man 11 with new hand-drawn art style

Capcom announced during the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream earlier today that Mega Man 11 will be released for the PC (and other platforms, but that's not really our thing) in late 2018.

On top of this, Capcom also revealed that it will re-release all eight Mega Man X games sometime next year, and that both Mega Man Legacy Collections will be coming to Switch within 2018 as well. The most important part is that the gameplay is reminiscent of any Mega Man game, with him platforming, shooting, and earning special power-ups. More information is promised in "summer 2018" (so maybe E3), which suggests this game will be coming out in the later end of that year.

Mega Man 11 will stay true to it's beloved action/side-scrolling roots but just with an updated look and 3D visuals. Mega Man 11 will be available on current consoles as well as the PC. At first glance, it looks more like Mighty No. 9 than the Mega Man of old, but hopefully it will play better than the widely-derided spiritual successor.

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All of the games will be available next week as a bundle, or you can purchase them separately. However, the rest of the promised Jak and Daxter games were still missing, until now.

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Mega Man 11 is due out in late 2018. It's a style that's likely to be divisive among fans, but you can form your own opinions by watching its announcement trailer above.

A new weapon shown in the trailer drops four bricks right in front of Mega Man. This feature will also roll out to existing owners of the game on PlayStation® 4 system, Xbox One, and PC. Previously, Capcom released two Mega Man Legacy Collections which together compiled all ten of the original Mega Man games into two packages.

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