Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch Revealed at The Game Awards 2017

Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch Revealed at The Game Awards 2017

Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch Revealed at The Game Awards 2017

There are already plenty of Nintendo Switch games with female characters and Bayonetta 3 will be a welcome addition to the list.

As with the game's earlier instalments, Nintendo has collaborated with Platinum Games for Bayonetta 3.

The news of a new Bayonetta game is going to anger some fans who felt that Platinum's game should be available on more formats than simply the Wii U. However, seeing as Sega made a decision to drop the title, those fans wouldn't have Bayonetta 2 or Bayonetta 3 if it wasn't for Nintendo, so maybe now it's time to go buy a Switch?

In announcing Bayonetta 3 for Switch, Nintendo is showing that it's doubling down on M-rated hardcore action games, its development relationship with Platinum, and the series itself.

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Meanwhile, Bayonetta 1 and 2 will be coming along very soon, with the former available as a download only, but will come bundled as a download code with the physical release of Bayonetta 2 should you choose to buy it that way. If you missed out on your chance to shoot up all manner of witchess, demons, and other mystical beings before, you can pick up the Bayonetta collection on the Nintendo Switch starting February 16, 2018.

Bayonetta started out as a multi-platform release. Like the Japanese version, it comes in a special box, SteelBook software case, and bonus Verse Cards, and stickers.

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Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 (together in one package) costs $49.99 at retail. Nintendo is having massive success with their new console, the Nintendo Switch, and seem to slowly be bringing most of their Wii U exclusives over to it.

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