Jenkins, husband of Japanese ex-abductee to N. Korea, dies at 77

Jenkins, husband of Japanese ex-abductee to N. Korea, dies at 77

Jenkins, husband of Japanese ex-abductee to N. Korea, dies at 77

An American soldier who deserted to North Korea more than 50 years ago has died at the age of 77.

James Joseph Dresnok, the only U.S. soldier known still to have been living in North Korea after defecting more than five decades ago, died in November 2016, his sons confirmed in August.

"I know I was not thinking clearly at the time and a lot of my decisions don't make sense now, but at the time they had a logic to them that made my actions seem nearly inevitable", Mr Jenkins wrote in his 2008 memoirs, "The Reluctant Communist: My desertion, court-martial and 40-year imprisonment in North Korea".

At an emotional court martial in Japan in 2004, Mr Jenkins, from Rich Square, North Carolina, said: 'It was Christmas time, it was also cold and dark.

Helped by his wife Hitomi Soga (R), former USA soldier Charles Robert Jenkins (front L) arrives at Tokyo worldwide airport at Haneda, 18 July, 2004, with their North Korea-born daughters Mika (back L) and Brinda (2nd R).

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The broadcaster stated that James Joseph Dresnok, another American who had deserted into North Korea three years before Jenkins, died in August after "pledging loyalty to the 'great leader Kim Jong-Un'". "I can not think now and would like to comment when I regain my calm". Jenkins made the surprising move over fears of being sent to Vietnam-the USA was about to become heavily involved in the war. Jenkins died on December 11 in his family home in Japan. Five abductees, including Soga, returned to Japan the following month. I looked at her one time. Together they had two daughters.

He said he had planned to go to Russian Federation and turn himself in, and had not expected North Korea to keep him. Within two weeks they were forced to marry, according to Mr Jenkins, but they eventually fell in love, bonded by their mutual hatred of their captors.

The couple had two daughters, Mika and Blinda. He was accused of absconding and fleeing to North Korea.

In November 2004, a USA court-martial found Jenkins guilty of desertion and sentenced him to 30 days in prison. He then returned to Japan to be with his wife, eventually finding work at a tourist attraction in Sado. Instead, he became a prisoner in North Korea. "I'd like to go back to the USA, but my wife don't want to go, and I have no means to support her there", he said.

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