Life Is Strange Is Going Mobile

Life Is Strange Is Going Mobile

Life Is Strange Is Going Mobile

Following its original release in January 2015, Life Is Strange attracted rave reviews, with many citing the character development and use of time travel mechanics as its most positive aspects.

The popular and lauded storytelling series Life is unusual is to be ported to iOS devices this week.

Developer Dontnod has ported the episodes with the aid of Black Wing Foundation.

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- Enhanced user interface for full-touch screen integration. And you'll also have access to a slew of iMessage Stickers if that's your jam. You can also connect to Facebook and compare the choices you made with other friends playing the mobile version. And there's an all-new Photo mode too which includes plenty of filters to get you just the look you're going for. You can download the app which contains Episode 1 for $2.99.

Life is Strange's first episode will cost £2.99 on iPhone and iPad, and the remaining episodes will be available individually as in-app purchases. Max and Chloe soon begin to investigate the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber.

Life is unusual follows high schooler Max Caulfield, who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The fourth and fifth episodes will be released in 2018, though an actual release date has yet to be announced.

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