Sister of Eric Garner, Erika, dies after heart attack

Sister of Eric Garner, Erika, dies after heart attack

Sister of Eric Garner, Erika, dies after heart attack

The 27-year-old was a prominent social justice activist who spearheaded protests against police brutality.

His death, which was ruled a homicide, helped to inspire the Black Lives Matter movement.

The activist daughter of Eric Garner, who died in police custody three years earlier, had gone into cardiac arrest following an asthma attack on Christmas Eve - and doctors said Thursday she had suffered severe brain damage as a result of lack of oxygen during the cardiac arrest. Eric Garner had argued with officers upon being approached for suspicion of selling loose cigarettes.

When Erica arrived, she saw a cell phone video of her father being taken down by several officers, while saying "I can't breathe" 11 times and falling unconscious.

Garner had been in a coma since December 23, when an asthma attack triggered the second, and terminal, heart attack. He remains employed by the NYPD.

In 2015, New York City agreed to pay $5.9m (£4.4m) to his family after a civil lawsuit.

Erica Garner became an activist after the death of her father, Eric Garner, in Staten Island, New York, in 2014. "Because her heart was already broken when she couldn't get justice for her father". "It's for my daughter; it's for the next generation of African-Americans".

"I pray for peace and comfort for her family and loved ones", Hill added.

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In an interview this month with Benjamin Dixon, the host of a progressive podcast and YouTube show, Garner described the frustrations and physical toll of her activism. "This city will miss her unshakable sense of justice and passion for humanity", de Blasio tweeted.

De Blasio called Garner's death a "horrible tragedy" in a tweet.

Shortly after confirming her death, Garner's official Twitter accountlashed out at the mayor, demanding that he "explain how she died with no justice".

She gained national prominence after speaking out in the wake of her father's death and met former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2016.

Eric Garner and his wife Esaw. After the meeting, they expressed frustration at the pace of the investigation, which they were told was still active. "You have to lead by example, ' now I understand why", Garner said in the video.

It was her second heart attack, her mother told the New York Daily News. "She left on her own terms".

Garner is survived by her two children, her mother, and her four siblings.

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