Russian Federation admits airbase came under attack from 13 armed drones

Russian Federation admits airbase came under attack from 13 armed drones

Russian Federation admits airbase came under attack from 13 armed drones

Russia shot down 7 with anti-aircraft missiles and the other 6 crashed or were otherwise disabled, which Russian officials are now crediting to electronic counter-measures against the drones.

Compounding the suspicions, the ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page that a US Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was in the skies above the area for four hours during the drone assault.

The defence ministry also shared images of a captured weapon. Terrorists' aircraft-type drones carried explosive devices with foreign detonating fuses.

"This was not a super sophisticated attack", Gorenburg said, adding that the rebels could have easily launched and targeted the bases themselves.

Russian Federation said it was also controlled by Turkish armed forces.

The Khmeimim has found itself under attack on a number of occasions as the conflict in Syria rages on, with two Russian military personnel killed during a mortar attack on New Year's Eve.

With Russian and Iranian backing, government forces have recovered large swathes of territory from rebel factions and Islamic State militants over the past year.

Col-General Sergey Melikov
WILL STEWART FIGHTING BACK Col General Sergey Melikov insists Russia is pioneering drone tech developments

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Syria's Assad government of launching attacks on moderate opposition in Idlib, which "could damage the process of political resolution".

He said advances by the Syrian army and allied forces into Idlib could not have taken place without the support of Moscow and Tehran, which have both backed Assad in the war.

"The gains the regime has made are not secure and are at high risk of being temporary", she added.

The use of drones by militants in the battlefield persists also in Syria.

The Ministry says a technical examination indicates these drones would have an effective attacking range of about 100 kilometres (62 miles) - which is pretty terrifying - and means that in the new era of UAV warfare, locations that once may have seemed immune to attack, are in fact exposed. Here's one being used against a Russian base on the coast of Syria. Many opposition groups are refusing to attend, citing increased Russian military interference. "Terrorists for the first time massively used unmanned aerial aircraft, launched from a range of more than 50 km with the use of modern guidance technology on the satellite Global Positioning System coordinates", reported the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ahmed said families had begun makeshift camps on the sides of roads, and were burning whatever they could find to stay warm in the winter months.

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