Intel warns patches for chip flaws are buggy

Intel warns patches for chip flaws are buggy

Intel warns patches for chip flaws are buggy

For one of the variants of Spectre, which Google says proved to be a lot more problematic, its engineers came up with a technique called "Reptoline", which modifies programs to ensure that execution can not be influenced by an attacker. Kocher was one of the researchers who identified the Spectre vulnerability. This means that program instructions that tell the cache to read ahead to a different program or different part of the current program will fail, since such instructions are normally either poorly optimized code or simple malware.

"We have received reports from a few customers of higher system reboots after applying firmware updates", said Intel.

Applying the necessary patches to the CPU firmware is considered to be the most hard task in providing protection against Meltdown and Spectre, compared to the operating system and internet browser patches that have already been released.

However, the new statement released yesterday from AMD senior vice president and CTO Mark Papermaster admitted that both Spectre vulnerabilities affect its chips, including the branch target injection variant.

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The company is not giving the same advice to consumers, however, with Navin stating, "End-users should continue to apply updates recommended by their system and operating system providers". Intel has also disclosed that the update includes performance hit on existing systems.

"AMD will make optional microcode updates available to our customers and partners for Ryzen and EPYC processors starting this week. We are also working directly with data center customers to discuss the issue".

"We expect this issue to be corrected shortly and Microsoft should resume updates for these older processors by next week", Papermaster said. In addition, AMD said its AMD Radeon GPU products are not affected by either Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities because the architecture does not use speculative execution.

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