'Likely' meteor lights up sky above Detroit, according to National Weather Service

'Likely' meteor lights up sky above Detroit, according to National Weather Service

'Likely' meteor lights up sky above Detroit, according to National Weather Service

On Tuesday night, the sky over southeast MI lit up with a dazzling flash, a loud boom resounded and the ground trembled. That's just what happened last night across metro Detroit, though.

The United States Geological Survey confirmed that a meteor in the skies and its burn up caused a magnitude 2.0 quake near New Haven in Macomb County, Michigan.

Dale said the weather service is trying to determine what caused the light and noise, calling it "a rare occurrence".

NASA considers any meteor brighter than Venus to be a fireball, and it keeps a database and map of their sightings dating back to 1988.

NASA officials are now analyzing the data but reports from the organizations Meteoroid Environmental Office in Alabama told The Detroit News.

NASA officials had a simple explanation, saying a meteoroid entered Earth's atmosphere about 8:08 p.m. Some witnesses reported hearing a boom as the meteor appeared.

Did you see a big flash in the sky or hear what sounded like a clap of thunder Tuesday night?

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In January 2017, the AMS received 145 reports of a fireball seen over seven states and Ontario, Canada.

Meteors are also known as shooting stars and occur when an asteroid, comet or other space object plunges into Earth's atmosphere and burns up.

NASA says its likely that there are meteorites on the ground near the area where it landed and you could find a piece, but don't expect to be a millionaire.

Kelly Beatty, senior editor at Sky and Telescope magazine, said meteors and meteorites are a bit like seashells.

Michael Narlock, the head of astronomy at the Cranbrook Institute of Science says it is possible there might be pieces on the ground of the meteor that caused a 2.0 magnitude quake across metro Detroit.

An hour later, the weather service confirmed on Twitter that the flash and boom were not thunder or lightning, "but instead likely a meteor".

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