Iranian women protest obligatory headscarf rules

Iranian women protest obligatory headscarf rules

Iranian women protest obligatory headscarf rules

As The Star reports, some women in Iran have begun taking off their hijabs in public and waving them on a stick in protest of their unequal treatment by the nation's religiously conservative government, a move that could result in arrest, detainment or even imprisonment.

Movahedi became a symbol of defiance after she stood on a metal utilities box on a busy street in the Iranian capital on December 27 and silently waved a white scarf from a stick to challenge the obligation since Iran's 1979 revolution for women to wear head scarves.

The fate of all the copycat protesters is unclear, but Ms Sotoudeh reported at least one was arrested on the spot.

Movahedi has now been freed, according to a January 28 Facebook post by leading Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who said Movahedi was initially released and rearrested.

Ms Hosseini was pictured wearing a green wristband in an apparent reference to the Iranian Green Movement which rose in protest after the 2009 presidential election.

Two people filming her were also detained and she said of the recent protests: 'Her message is clear, girls and women are fed up with forced [hijab].

Earlier this month, Iranian Police Commander Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari said his forces had released many of those arrested and will investigate their cases in the future.

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"Under the Islamic penal code in Iran, any act that is deemed offensive to public decency is punished with a prison term of 10 days to two months, or 74 lashes".

Masoud Sarabi, who witnessed one of the protests, confirmed the authenticity of a video shot on Tehran's Enghelab Street.

The woman, reportedly a 31-year-old mother, broke the law by exposing her hair in public, risking arrest and fines.

Many Islamists believe hijab should not be imposed by the law, though they consider it a religious task for every Muslim woman.

It is "dedicated to Iranian women inside the country who want to share their "stealthily" taken photos without the veil", and aim to be a "living archive" of their fight.

In the photos, the women's heads are uncovered as they stand on utility boxes or other objects on the streets of Tehran with scarves held up on sticks.

Some women film themselves walking down public streets without their headscarf to show to the world the amount of abuse they face if they dare show their hair.

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