Nab a free Celebration Pack when you log into Monster Hunter World

Nab a free Celebration Pack when you log into Monster Hunter World

Nab a free Celebration Pack when you log into Monster Hunter World

A PC release has also been announced but that isn't coming until much later in the year. There is a lot to take in with this iteration but it is also arguably the most accessible of the series which should be a delight for many players. If you don't see the items given to you, just give it time. But how common is it to get back to the Workshop, only for Smithy to inform you you're still missing one or two vital crafting ingredients?

High rank begins once you hit the 6-star missions which means you'll be fighting tougher versions of the monsters you've already fought, including Anjanath, and you will be getting better drops as a result. You can claim one per account, so make sure if you have multiple you don't miss out.

Many players are already deep into the hunt to capture some of the more hard monsters in the game, but how many are there to find?

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As explained on the Capcom Unity blog, Ryu and Sakura are full sets of armor that must be equipped as a single entry.

These are the 14 main categories for weapons that you can use in your quest to catch monsters. We were confronted with Jon Downes, the greatest hunter of real monsters on the planet, who inspired us to reopen the investigation of ten creatures, also setting a size to really encourage people to start looking for evidence of their existence. Capcom, however, wants to keep the ball rolling with a weird but totally appropriate promotion for Monster Hunter: World.

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