Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed the Wii U with 14.86 million

Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed the Wii U with 14.86 million

Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed the Wii U with 14.86 million

In less than a year.

Nintendo sold 7.23 million Switch consoles in the previous quarter, bringing total sales to about 14.86 million devices.

The Switch follows the relative failure of the Wii U, which sold only 13 million consoles between its 2012 launch and 2016-almost 90 million less than its predecessor, the Wii.

Their current forecast is a million units more than the one they had a few months ago, which means that the console sold better than expected during the Holidays and Winter season. While hardware sales of the seven-year-old console grew to 5.86 million over the festive period, this marked a 9 per cent year-on-year. With a total company revenue of 4.44 billion US - a 177% year over year rise, and an operating profit up 261% year over year, Nintendo is printing money right now. Other hits were "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe", which moved 7.33 million copies, and "Splatoon 2", with 4.91 million.

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UKIYO Publishing, Rocketcat Games, and Madgarden have announced that Death Road to Canada will release on Nintendo Switch, a randomly generated, zombie-filled road-trip from Florida to Ontario.

Naturally, Nintendo's profit has seen a significant uptick, with an operating profit of 116.50 billion yen (£755m, $1.07 billion) for its third quarter.

Plenty to keep you and your Switch going far into 2019. With unique ideas like Nintendo Labo (even if it's not for you), there's always that air of unpredictability when it comes to Nintendo sales. By the end of last December, Nintendo had reportedly sold about 14.8 million Switches.

"This is exactly the kind of insane idea that Nintendo is known for which we believe will help expand the company's audience", analysts at Macquarie wrote in a recent research note. This is nothing new for Nintendo, but Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have proven particularly strong even for their respective series.

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