Calais violence: France tightens border security after migrants are shot

Calais violence: France tightens border security after migrants are shot

Calais violence: France tightens border security after migrants are shot

Four of them are in critical condition, according to AFP. A fifth who was also shot was not facing life-threatening injuries.

Shots were first fired yesterday as between roughly 100 Eritreans and around 30 Afghans queued for free meals at a distribution point near a hospital at around 3.30pm French time.

France and Britain signed a new treaty last month aimed at speeding up asylum applications for migrants entitled to claim refuge in the UK. This approach, he argued, would mix "humanity" with "efficiency".

"Under no circumstances will we allow the Jungle to come back", Mr. Macron said in January, when he visited Calais to explain his policies on immigration.

Local authorities said police intervened to "protect the Afghan migrants faced with 150 to 200 Eritrean migrants".

The mayhem - which reportedly lasted almost two hours - broke out Thursday evening as migrants were assembling for meal distribution.

He later travelled to Britain, where Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to pay more to help stop migrants trying to reach England's shores and to take in more unaccompanied minors.

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Crucially, Macron did not seek to renegotiate a controversial 2003 deal effectively pushing Britain's borders back onto French soil.

After the "Jungle" camp in Calais was destroyed by authorities in 2016 numerous migrants moved into woods and are often involved in confrontations with police.

"On the one hand, the government orders its police forces to dismantle the migrants' tents, and on the other, it is going to distribute food to those who saw their shelter torn down", Ms. Millot said.

According to NPR's Eleanor Beardsley, reporting from Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron has said that makeshift migrant camps would no longer be tolerated and that migrants must report to official centers.

The shootout came at a time of rising tensions over the situation in Calais, a symbol of France's struggle to manage Europe's ongoing migrant crisis.

The notorious Calais "Jungle", once home to about 10,000 people, was demolished in 2016, but hundreds more migrants have since descended on the city. They remained hospitalized Friday, a spokesperson for the Pas-de-Calais prefecture told ABC News. In Calais, he has expressed support for the police, whose treatment of migrants was criticized by a Human Rights Watch report that denounced their systematic use of pepper spray against migrants.

The grim conditions, made worse by a particularly wet winter, have led to tensions between groups of migrants from different regions that sometimes spills over into violence. In similar clashes in June 2016, 40 people were injured, and in July 2017, 16 people were injured in violence.

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