Iran 'caught moving MISSILES into Syria' amid fears of imminent WAR

Iran 'caught moving MISSILES into Syria' amid fears of imminent WAR

Iran 'caught moving MISSILES into Syria' amid fears of imminent WAR

Satellite images from the Israeli firm ImageSat International (ISI) obtained by Fox News show what is believed to be the new Iranian base in Syria operated by the Quds Force, the special operations arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The channel claimed the two hangars, which measure around30 yards by 20 yards, are being used to store short and medium-range missiles.

That prompted a multiple rounds of missile strikes by Israel on what it said were more Iranian bases in Syria, before Russia President Vladimir Putin stepped in to calm a potentially unsafe new escalation in the war there.

The right-wing USA broadcaster said Iran's overseas elite Quds Force are thought to operate the camp and is thought to be Tehran's second permanent military base in Syria.

This report comes just days after satellite images taken by ISI proved that Russian Federation has deployed advanced Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jets.

Hardline Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman downplayed the latest revelations.

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All out war between the United States and Iran is unlikely, as Congress will probably vote the plan down given lack of public support for another war in the Middle East, according to Leon Hadar at the American National Interest and retired army colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. But he also warned that "while we continue to confront the scourge of terrorism, Iran's malign activities across the region pose a long-term threat to stability in this part of the world".

Fox also said that the missiles could be used to target Israel, likely ramping up tensions between the two countries following Israeli air strikes in Syria earlier this month.

"Countering Iran is not one of the coalition missions in Syria", General Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command, told the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

Iran warned it was prepared to "level [Tel Aviv] to the ground" if Israel attacks Iran, and said they would kill Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel has repeatedly accused Tehran of building facilities for manufacturing high-precision guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon.

The figures could not be independently confirmed, but Danon said the Iranians 'speak about 100,000 troops under their control in Syria'.

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