US Navy's visit to Vietnam also sends message to China

US Navy's visit to Vietnam also sends message to China

US Navy's visit to Vietnam also sends message to China

The arrival of an American aircraft carrier in Vietnam indicates Washington's intention to make the country a part of its new anti-Chinese block, which also includes Japan, Australia and India, an expert on Asia told RT.

The arrival of the Vinson marks the biggest US military presence in Vietnam since 1975 - but it also illustrates Hanoi's complex and evolving relationship with Beijing over the disputed South China Sea as China announced its largest rise in defence spending in three years.

"We hope to continue the same issue that we've always had".

The nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson with more than 6,000 crew members, accompanied by a cruiser and a destroyer, anchored off the central Vietnamese port city of Danang Monday for a five-day visit.

In an oblique reference to China, India and Vietnam on Sunday reiterated the importance of achieving a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific region and agreed to expedite building high-speed patrol boats and early signing of a defence agreement to secure sea lanes in the region.

Under President Donald Trump, military cooperation with Hanoi has continued.

China is now the de facto superpower in this region, and by far the most important trading partner for Vietnam.

The USS Carl Vinson is anchored at Tien Sa Port in Danang Vietnam Monday
The USS Carl Vinson is anchored at Tien Sa Port in Danang Vietnam Monday

The presence of the USS Carl Vinson, a U.S. Navy supercarrier, highlights the growing alliance between the U.S. and its erstwhile foe, and it could rattle the regional superpower China. The vessel can carry up to 90 on-deck aircraft.

The Carl Vinson strike group will begin its four day port call in Da Nang Monday.

He added that the countries have overlapping territorial claims in the South China Sea and a history of military conflicts, including the Sino-Vietnamese border war of 1979, in which both sides claim victory. Pacific Fleet. "I am confident that engagements like this will further expand the comprehensive partnership between the United States and Vietnam".

The visit is also being touted as a key landmark between the former bitter enemies, whose relations have seen an extraordinary turnaround since the end of the war in 1975.

In July 2016, an worldwide court ruled that the so-called "nine-dash line"-a demarcation line China uses to lay claim to parts of the South China Sea-is inconsistent with global laws governing maritime resources".

The Trump administration has been quietly increasing the number of USA patrols in the South China Sea, but China has failed to respond as negatively to the patrols as it did during the Obama era. Some 58,000 American soldiers and an estimated 3 million Vietnamese were killed in the war.

As a matter of national security doctrine, the fiercely independent Vietnam has adopted a "three no's" policy of non-alignment with one power bloc against another, non-hosting of foreign military bases on its soil, and non-alliance with and dependence on any external power. "Increased cooperation between the two countries in economic, diplomatic and military areas would serve as a counterbalance to Beijing's expansionism".

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