Catie Turner, 18, Says Katy Perry "Most Feisty" on American Idol

Catie Turner, 18, Says Katy Perry

Catie Turner, 18, Says Katy Perry "Most Feisty" on American Idol

Seacrest emphasized that the show is "America's gold standard of music competitions". She's also the one most of the contestants want to meet, and she welcomes the attention, flirting with those who are willing-even giving one boy his first kiss. Ryan Seacrest is still around despite a swirl of controversy, but the judges box looks decidedly different, with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan calling the shots. These new judges seem to be up for drawing blood as well. But the show, at its core, works in format and works in premise.

Are they REALLY going to find the next Kelly Clarkson/Carrie Underwood?

No, they are not throwaway "nice judges".

They also come up short in terms of "selling the dream" when someone gets pushed through to Hollywood. If you want a cheap show, order something in a genre that's inherently cost-effective. "I think sometimes when they write their songs, they don't stretch as much as they do when they're singing someone else's song".

Hinting that Shelton was in on the hiring of Bryan for the ABC revival, the "Light It Up" singer couldn't help but jab at Shelton's big-wig status once he got dubbed as the Sexiest Man Alive by People. "This launching pad gives such an advantage to all those people that need that spotlight".

The reboot of the hit singing show, "American Idol" is set to make its debut on ABC tonight. "I don't even know if you know that you have the kind of voice that you have". "We're really real with them".

"Timeless", 10 p.m. (KING): The time-travel drama returns, with a trio of heroes who travel through time to stop conspirators from manipulating history; a trip back 100 years leads to an encounter with scientists Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie.

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Lionel Richie: "I love the quality of your voice". "I've been offered many opportunities to put out something explaining songwriting or performance, or how do you deal with the press, or the pressure of the business?"

At the end of the day, Sunday's "American Idol" premiere makes for a fun, familiar two hours. Partly due to the rotating judges.

Well, we don't know yet! "I consider myself the instructor basically".

Is it just us, or do a LOT of people watch American Idol to see the absurd wanna-be contestants rejected early in the very first episodes?? Like the original American Idol, we have to sit through a round of auditions before we get to the actual competitors. "I'm not critiquing you, I'm just saying yes!" he'll say. I've had the opportunity to do some TV stuff through the years and turned it down because I always focused on touring.

During its vacation and shift to another, happier, "family-friendly" network, American Idol has not lost that mean streak. I'm on the emotional ride with these kids.

Katy Perry surprised 19-year-old contestant Benjamin Glaze from Enid, Oklahoma on Sunday's premiere of American Idol with his first kiss while vying for a spot in Hollywood.

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