Jim Carrey shocks with political paintings of White House figureheads

Jim Carrey shocks with political paintings of White House figureheads

Jim Carrey shocks with political paintings of White House figureheads

The portrait's uncanny resemblance to 35-year-old Sanders, however, was enough to cause speculation.

The Jim Carrey flap really is yet another example of the way Fox News devotes many, many segments to ridiculing liberals for being offended by Trump or some political issue, branding them as "snowflakes".

Jim Carrey hasn't exactly been hiding his disdain of the Trump administration, frequently criticizing the White House on social media. "He says this is a portrait of a so-called Christian", Earhardt said.

Some Twitter users accused Carrey of shaming because of the unflattering portrait.

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A spokesman for Carrey confirmed to The Associated Press that it is Carrey's painting, but would not confirm it is of Sanders. At least one took things a step further and taunted him about his girlfriend, who committed suicide.

"Pathetic, BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & "Christaphobe" Jim Carrey attacks (Sanders) for her faith; what would be hypocritical Hollywood reaction if he called someone a "so-called Muslim" or 'so-called Jew?' #classlessCarrey", the former Arkansas governor wrote.

As for "sexist" well, unlike Sarah's boss, it doesn't seem like Carrey is singling out women to attack more harshly... The painting had over 70,000 likes and over 16,000 retweets at the time of publication. In his new "The Wicked Witch of the West Wing and Putin's Flying Monkeys", Carrey amalgamates Trump (who he's referred to as "Chief Little Hands" in other works) and The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West into a new, chilling figure. "Rubio's agenda is clear".

Carrey did pay a tribute to the late Stephen Hawking, by painting a picture of the world-renowned physicist sitting in his wheelchair.

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