No known link to terrorism in Texas bombings - White House

No known link to terrorism in Texas bombings - White House

No known link to terrorism in Texas bombings - White House

This incident comes after a package exploded at another FedEx facility just outside of San Antonio early Tuesday morning. Reports said one employee was injured. The blast injured a 75-year-old woman who Manley said "came outside of her residence and found a package out front and picked up that package".

The Brodie Lane location is in Sunset Valley, southwest of downtown Austin.

A package bomb blew up at a FedEx Corp distribution center near San Antonio on Tuesday, officials said, and the FBI was investigating whether it was linked to a series of four homemade bombs that hit the Texas capital of Austin this month.

The package, filled with nails and metal shrapnel, exploded shortly after midnight local time (05:00 GMT) at the facility, about 105km south of Austin.

The incident happened at about 12:30 the FedEx Ground distribution center in Schertz.

Manley said the use of a tripwire to detonate the device is different than the package bombs used in the other attacks that occurred on March 2 and March 12, and signaled that whoever is responsible has "a higher level of sophistication, a higher level of skills" than previously suspected.

Authorities say a serial bomber's likely to blame for the four explosions in Austin and likely linked to the latest explosion outside San Antonio.

Sanders says federal authorities are working closely with local authorities and have offered their full support and cooperation "to make sure we're doing whatever is necessary and whatever is possible" to stop the explosions and find whomever is responsible.

"The FBI is now investigating a confirmed link between packages involved in the Austin bombing investigation and a mail delivery office in Sunset Valley".

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How the fourth and fifth bombings complicated the investigation.

Members of a task force investigating the Austin explosions are at the scene of the FedEx explosion in Schertz, according to Plohetski. And instead of a package on a doorstep, the device was triggered by a thin, nearly invisible roadside tripwire, adding a random element and a different bomb-making technique that police said indicates a high level of sophistication. "We are not providing any additional specific information about this package at this time", Schertz Police said in a statement.

The most recent blast detonated at a FedEx distribution center outside the city of San Antonio, Texas.

Grote said his son, who lives about 100 yards (91 meters) away from the blast, heard the explosion and raced outside.

The ATF could not confirm that the latest explosion is associated with the Austin blasts, ATF spokeswoman Nicole Strong said.

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Austin who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said that investigators have obtained surveillance videos that "could possibly" show a suspect but are still poring through video.

Earlier Tuesday, a package exploded in the middle of the night at a FedEx shipping centre in Schertz.

3/12/2018 (6:45 a.m.) AUSTIN: Draylen Mason, 17, is killed when he suffers fatal injuries while opening a package that was left outside his home.

So far, a total of two people have died and now five people have been injured in the explosions over the past 18 days.

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