Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues state over nation's most restrictive ban

Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues state over nation's most restrictive ban

Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues state over nation's most restrictive ban

"We are saving more of the unborn than any state in America, and what better thing we could do", said Bryant, a Republican serving his second term. Current federal law does not.

In 2016, lawmakers more than doubling the mandatory waiting period for women seeking abortions from 24 hours to 72 hours, a move that is now being challenged in court.

House Bill 1510 passed the MS legislature in early March, and Bryant recently said the "15-week ban will be the most protective language for the unborn".

"Under decades of United States Supreme Court precedent, the state of MS can not ban abortion prior to viability, regardless of what exceptions are provided to the ban", the complaint reads. He noted that lawyers for the clinic said a woman who is at least 15 weeks pregnant was scheduled to have an abortion on the afternoon of March 20.

In a March 16 podcast, Bryant had anticipated the suit against the new but said he expects to win in court, no matter how high the case goes in the courts. There are no exceptions for incidents of rape or incest.

"By banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the law violates decades of well-established, clear precedent under the U.S. Constitution".

"We'll probably be sued in about half an hour", Bryant said to laughter from supporters as he signed the bill.

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U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves issued the temporary restraining order in response to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Jackson Women's Health Organization, the state's only abortion provider. "It'll be worth fighting over".

The case was brought by the Jackson Women's Health Organization, the only remaining abortion clinic in MS, and Dr. Sacheen Carr-Ellis, who practices there. About 2,500 abortions were performed in the state a year ago, with majority taking place at the clinic. "There are only a few clinics left to serve patients who need abortion care even as we speak, and with HB 1510 targeting the lone remaining clinic in MS, a scarce health service will become even more so". "With Pope St. John Paul II, we recognize abortion as 'a most serious wound inflicted on society and its culture by the very people who ought to be society's promoters and defenders'".

The Jackson Women's Health Organization, in a lawsuit handled by the Center of Reproductive Rights, argued the measure is unconstitutional and should immediately be struck down.

The suit says the clinic performed 78 abortions in 2017 when the fetus was identified as being 15 weeks or older.

Republican legislative leaders Lt. Gov Tate Reeves and House Speaker Philip Gunn both attended Bryant's private signing ceremony.

"A brief delay in enforcing a law of dubious constitutionality does not outweigh that harm, and in fact serves the public's interest in preserving the freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution", Reeves said in his order.

Cincinnati.com pointed out that the bill is unlikely to pass. OH governor John Kasich previously vetoed a bill that would have banned abortions after a fetus's heartbeat could be detected, which could be as early as six weeks.

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