Facebook Reveals the "Access Your Information" Data Tool and New Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook Reveals the

Facebook Reveals the "Access Your Information" Data Tool and New Privacy Shortcuts

The announcement coincided with a fresh dispute with New Zealand's privacy watchdog, which accused Facebook of being in breach of local laws. These options are now scattered over 20 segments of a user's settings section.

Facebook is also working on updates to its terms of service including "our commitments to people" and changes to its data policy "to better spell out what data we collect and how we use it", they say.

Barley has demanded a "comprehensive investigation" into whether German users were affected by the illegal use of information from millions of Facebook profiles during "electoral strategy" work by the company Cambridge Analytical for the U.S.

The platform has added a "privacy shortcuts" menu, which allows users to access their personal data and even delete it if they so choose, as well as fine-tuning the advertising they encounter. Most of the security page updates have been in the works for some time, "but the events of the past several days underscore their importance".

"It doesn't seem that the changes that have been proposed are particularly meaningful", Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser said.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has plunged Facebook into its worst crisis in years, with regulators and lawmakers in the United States and Britain demanding answers about how the social network deals with data privacy. The social media giant formally announced changes it claims will make it easier for users to control what they share in a post titled "It's Time to Make Our Privacy Tools Easier to Find".

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Manage who sees your posts and profile information: You own what you share on Facebook, and you can manage things like who sees your posts and the information you choose to include on your profile.

"The biggest difference is ease of access in settings, which fulfills Mark Zuckerberg's promise to make the privacy process and permissions more transparent to users", Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said. In the new centralized page, people will be given a streamlined list of what each app is collecting on them, as well as the ability to delete the apps.

Zuckerberg has already acknowledged that Cambridge Analytica obtained the swath of data improperly.

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Zuckerberg and the CEOs of Alphabet Inc and Twitter Inc have been invited to testify at an April 10 hearing on data privacy. Three congressional committees have requested he appear.

The suit, filed Tuesday in federal court in northern California, comes as Facebook faces scrutiny over privacy concerns.

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