Gov. Fallin 'absolutely' plans to sign tax increase for teacher raises

Gov. Fallin 'absolutely' plans to sign tax increase for teacher raises

Gov. Fallin 'absolutely' plans to sign tax increase for teacher raises

The extra revenue will go largely to fund an average $6,100 pay increase for teachers, who are planning to walk out of class on Monday.

"146 voted to participate in the walkout and 43 voted to stay", said Jimmy Acevedo, director of alternative education.

"Basically, how are their babies going to eat while they're doing this walkout to stand up for them", McGavock said.

The House already passed the plan to increase taxes on cigarettes, fuel, lodging, and oil and gas production. It also contained a $5-per-night hotel/motel tax, but the Senate repealed that part.

Administrators for the Oklahoma City Public School district announced schools will be closed Monday and they're encouraging teachers to spend their day at the Capitol. "Today, they started dismantling it by cutting millions out of the plan".

At Rubys Inn and Restaurant on the south side of Purcell, a group of older men meet regularly to talk over coffee - and to pester the waitresses and anyone else who sits near them.

If the school is closed in Guymon, officials told us buses will continue to run and the cafeteria will remain open. The association is calling for almost $1.5 billion in increased spending over three years. "It's not. The is about funding for our kids because this is why we are here and the most important thing is, we are the community." superintendent Victor Salcedo said.

"Lawmakers, I want you to make education a priority", said Lehew.

After a historic raise is approved by the Oklahoma House and Senate, almost 200 teachers across the district gathered to discuss their next plan of action. The nonprofit professional organization has almost 12,000 members. "But their deal is to fall back on the people and tax them, every time they get in a bind".

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"Our teachers are telling us that they want to be out until the Legislature does right by their students", she said.

$5 hotel/motel tax on any room booked in Oklahoma.

Credit: Oklahoma Teacher Walkout - The Time is Now!

"The state needs to learn how to handle their money", he said. The state's largest teachers union is organizing the walkout and rally. "They may be saying 'thank you". For example, certified teachers with 25 years experience could see their pay increase by almost $8,000 to top out at $51,232, according to a budget analysis.

At 47th, Oklahoma ranks poorly in public school revenue per student, which is $3,000 per year.

OEA leaders say teachers are grateful for the pay increases approved by the Legislature, but they were never more concerned about themselves than they are about the devastating effects of deep state funding cuts since 2009 on students. The regional average was $48,450.

"By far and large, I've seen more teachers concerned about funding for Oklahoma schools", said Acevedo.

It wasn't immediately clear what impact the measure would have on Monday's threatened walkout. "I think even the most hardened idealists are looking more toward future long-term funding".

With no way of knowing how many people will come for breakfast or lunch, Neal said the district plans to cook trays of food as needed.

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