Backstage News on Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract

Backstage News on Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract

Backstage News on Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract

The fact that the match ended with Lesnar retaining his title is an interesting swerve, but the real story of the match is its overwhelming, terrifyingly intense rejection by those in attendance.

For as good as WWE WrestleMania 34 was throughout the first part of the show, the finish of the show leaves a bad sour taste in fans' mouths that will take quite some time to get rid of despite how many stellar matches took place. WWE could have easily, I would think, work out a one-day extension on his contract and have him drop the Universal Title to someone on Raw tonight. WWE has done a phenomenal job building the legend of Brock Lesnar up to nearly mythical proportions - in fact, they may have done too good a job. Nakamura embraced Styles and kneeled to present the WWE Championship to him, only to hit Styles with a low blow and attack him. The announcement doesn't indicate how long Lesnar actually re-signed and could merely be a way to extend his stay beyond "WrestleMania" with the possibility of departing for the UFC afterward.

There were two one-on-one women's championship matches for the first time in Wrestlemania history, and both matches put on a very solid showing.

After delivering numerous German suplexes and five of the monstrous F-5s, Lesnar was finally able to pin Reigns and retain his title. Besides the 50-man Rumble and the Lesnar-Reigns rematch, Triple H will face off against Cena and the Intercontinental Title will be defended in a ladder match featuring Balor, Miz, Rollins, and the returning Samoa Joe. It wasn't a great match, but it didn't need to be. After a failed attempt to enter the National Football League with the Minnesota Vikings, Lesnar eventually made his way to the UFC and made his debut in February 2008. Just look below for "GET EXCLUSIVE UPDATES" to sign up.

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Jinder Mahal was another surprise in New Orleans.

The Undertaker did make a return in a six minute match against John Cena and the pop he received was outta this world.

The Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble victor shouldn't be a lock to win every year, but this year it's worth noting that the two Royal Rumble winners (Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura) lost their title matches at WrestleMania.

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