April 10 proclaimed as Equal Pay Day in Phoenix

April 10 proclaimed as Equal Pay Day in Phoenix

April 10 proclaimed as Equal Pay Day in Phoenix

Data from the Institute for Women's Policy Research show that the USA economy would grow by more than $512 billion if women received equal pay. This is a reminder that "leaning in" and simply "empowering women" will not fix the gender pay gap. According to the website for the effort, women earn about 80 cents when compared to men. If it were closed, on average, a woman working full time in California would be able to afford 39 more weeks of food for her family, almost three more months of mortgage and utilities payments, more than one additional semester of tuition and fees for a four-year public university, the full cost of tuition and fees for a two-year community college, more than four months of rent or more than 7.5 additional months of child care each year. Even though this is a huge difference in California within pay, the state is still considered one of the top three most equal paid states alongside NY, where Latina and Black Women are paid $21-27 thousand less than men.

Myth #4: We already have laws that address the gender wage gap.

F&C Asset Management, which is owned by the Bank of Montreal, reported a wage gap of 34 per cent and an 82 per cent gap in bonuses paid. According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, women in OH who work full-time have median annual earnings of about $38,000, which is 76 cents on the dollar compared with their male counterparts. Knowing what coworkers earn would make getting equal pay easier and prevent employer retaliation. According to Voice of America, the wage gap is slightly worse this year than last year.

Today marks Equal Pay Day, a symbolic date to draw attention to the gender pay gap.

Experts expect the gender pay gap to close by 2059, based on the rate it narrowed between 1960 and 2016.

So, ladies, pick your vice-wine, beer, or coffee-and receive 20% off for Equal Pay Day!

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It's a well-documented phenomenon that parenthood contributes to the wage gap.

Ciani and other women leaders called for more protections for women workers.

For example, women once dominated the computer programming sector, but when it shifted to be predominantly men, wages increased. Black, Native American and Latina women all earn even less than white women.

The pay gap isn't the same for all women, either.

The Cabinet's approval of the new law is in line with the government's objective to ensure the protection of women's rights and support their role in the national development process, WAM reported. We must take into account that pay inequality is a racial issue as well.

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